by Dennis Marquardt

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Temptation to Look Back (2 of 4)
Dennis Marquardt
Genesis 19:1-29; Luke 17:32

INTRO: The worst thing that can happen to a Christian is to look back! To turn back toward a life of sin after finding Christ as savior is one of the most miserable ways to live, and can have horrible consequences.

As Christians, it is vitally important that we are always looking forward, not back. Why? It is a fact that where we are looking is where we are heading. The saddest stories in the Bible are those of individuals who turned back, who turned away from God. Such people as King Saul, Lot's wife, Judas, the Apostle Paul's co-worker Demas, and others like the unnamed prophet who turned back and was killed by a lion for it, as well as all those who turned back and left Gideon. Hosea's wife turned back to a world of sin after being redeemed. In Jesus' own ministry we read in John 6:66 "From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him."

Jesus said of Judas that it would have been better to have not been born than to have turned away from Christ. Solomon put it more graphically when he talked about those who returned to their old ways when he said, "the dog that returneth to its vomit." Prov. 26:11

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that to turn back to sin is to lose the life God has chosen for us; this temptation is real, and many have taken this sad path back to ruin.

I. A "LOT" OF COMPROMISING! Gen. 19:1-11

A. Choices! Gen. 19:1-5
1. Lot was a man that wanted a "LOT!"
a. Lot made choices that were foolish, he took the best land from Abraham, and this was contrary to God's plan.
b. He moved toward a big city named Sodom, a place he did not belong.
c. He later moved into Sodom ... further away from God's plan.
d. He took up leadership in Sodom, rather than stay with God's people.
e. He raised his family where he could get the most out of the world, putting little priority on the things of G ...

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