by Dennis Marquardt

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Come and Inherit (6 of 6)
Dennis Marquardt
Matthew 25:31-46; 16:27

INTRO: We are getting to the time of the year when children begin looking forward to a very special holiday ... Christmas is coming! We often find that the closer we get to a special day we find ourselves getting more and more excited. Holidays usually involve time off, good fellowship, sometimes presents, etc. They help us endure the hard times and the everyday hectic schedules we keep, we keep saying, "in a few more weeks I'll get several days off and some well deserved rest and have some fun."

When we examine the events of this world we know that we are getting closer to the coming of the Lord, a really special day! We will be receiving a great inheritance from our Lord, one we are invited to come and take! Like a special day that is coming, the closer it gets the more anticipation and excitement we experience – if we are ready for it!

The Bible has put great emphasis on Christ's 2nd coming ... there are over 1,800 references in the Old Testament alone on the return of the Messiah. In the New Testament there is no less than 1 in every 30 verses about the 2nd coming of Christ! For every prophecy in the Bible about Jesus' first coming there are 8 about His second coming! So, if the first proved reliable, be sure the 2nd will be also!

PROP SENT: The Bible teaches us that we are invited to enjoy a great inheritance in Christ, our future is bright and His invitation is clear, "Come ... and inherit!"

I. HERE COMES THE JUDGE! 25:31-33; 16:27

A. Position 25:31
1. While Jesus' first coming had to do with coming as a servant, humble; this second coming will be with glory and power as King ... and all the angels with him.
2. Jesus' first coming was to be the Savior, His second coming He will be the judge of all mankind!
a. This is the picture here of Him sitting on a throne.
b. Surrounded by His angels He will judge all.
3. This judgmen ...

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