by Dennis Marquardt

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Come and Dine (5 of 6)
Dennis Marquardt
John 21:1-23

INTRO: Have you ever had a rough day or even a rough week -- and you have failed miserably on the job or even at home? You come home and feel tired and weak; you are not exactly good company. At such times you get a phone call and a friend invites you to a meal to relax and refresh yourself it can be so wonderful!

This is what the Lord does in this invitation ... it is just after the crucifixion of Jesus, the guys are kind of discouraged and some like Peter have horrible feelings of failure they haven't fully dealt with yet. They have pulled back spiritually, with feelings of personal failure, and even a group failure, and shattered dreams and expectations.

Peter denied Jesus 3 times, the rest ran away from the cross except John, Judas committed suicide, nothing worked out like they had expected. No great kingdom came. They are discouraged, weak, feel like failures, and they are probably fostering anger and doubts.

In the midst of this Jesus appears and offers an invitation: "Come and dine" (KJV)

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that Jesus offers us a place of refreshing when we have failed or are fearful, His love is so great for us that He seeks to renew us, all we have to do is accept the invitation!


A. Frustrated 21:1-3
1. We are introduced to a rag tag group of 7 guys who are totally discouraged and feeling aimless.
a. Their hopes and dreams are dashed, they are uncertain as to what has recently happened to them.
b. They couldn't come up with answers for all the horrible things that had taken place, and even if they did have any ideas they were dealing with their own feelings of failure and running away from Jesus, lots of guilt here!
2. This becomes evident in Peter's statement in verse 3 "I'm going out to fish!"
a. It is stated sort of matter of fact, like there is nothing else to do – or nothing else he w ...

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