by Dennis Marquardt

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Come and See (2 of 8)
Dennis Marquardt
John 1:35-42; Haggai. 1:5-9; Luke 9:58

INTRO: Why do people flock to all kinds of teachers and seminars? Why do people jump from one thing to another thing? They are all desperately searching for meaning and satisfaction in life!

One of the main reasons people commit suicide is that they cease to believe there is any reason for living anymore, that there is no meaning or purpose to life – so they quit, they give up.

The world is a battlefield today; the forces of darkness are competing for the souls of men and women, drawing them to meaningless existences while filling their lives with so much busyness that they have no satisfaction in anything – and to distract them from the real meaning in life.

With all the emptiness in this world God shouts from the heavens and makes an invitation: "COME AND SEE!" -- come and see the real meaning to life. It is not found in a thing but in a person called Jesus Christ!

PROP SENT: The Bible teaches us that the only real meaning in life is found in a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ, we are invited by God to come and see this for ourselves by inviting Christ into our lives.

I. LOOKING FOR SATISFACTION! 1:35-38; Hag. 1:5-9

A. Meaning 1:35-38a
1. Andrew and John had become disciples of John the Baptist, they were interested in his call to a real life of service to God.
a. They had felt a real need to know God and through following John the Baptist they had felt something tugging on their hearts.
b. Fishing had not been enough for them, while it provided a means of living it didn't provide satisfaction for their souls!
c. This is still true today, people are always looking for that job or place that will satisfy the longing of their heart but when they get them they discover that ultimately these things still don't satisfy them long term.
2. Though they certainly had enjoyed the ministry of John the Bap ...

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