by Dennis Marquardt

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Come And Rest (1 of 6)
Series: The ''Invitation From God''
Dennis Marquardt
Matthew 11:28-30

INTRO: How many of you are tired today? This could perhaps be called the ''TIRED GENERATION!'' We are running to and fro from early morning to late night, there are so many things to do and yet not enough time to do them all! Mankind used to go to bed when the sun set, now with electricity we stay up late at night, we even have TV shows called ''Late Night'' and ''Late Late Night'' for those who really like to stay up late! Yet, we still have to get up early for work, no wonder we are all tired!

In many surveys people say that they wish they had more free time or more time off, they wish they could just sit around and do nothing for a while and sleep in.

Yet, even when we get time off we fill it with so many things to do that often when we come back from vacations we are just as tired, if not more so, than when we left!

PERHAPS the greatest problem however is not the tiredness of body but our tired souls; we have grown tired as a nation over evil in our land, over corruption and terrorism left unchecked, over the constant themes of poverty and disease and brutality. We have grown weary of the unchanging face of sin, of evildoers getting away with their deeds; we have become cynics about nearly everything from politics, to jobs; and even religion!

Our families suffer from a tiredness of soul, children grow up neglected or hurt from broken homes, parents try to fill their lives with business and extended work hours to make themselves believe they have something important to live for or to make more money teens don't have direction in their lives as they don't see anything to live for except materialism.

We are a tired nation, living in both physical and soulish exhaustion, but the good news is that God has an invitation: ''COME AND REST!'' This is first message in a new series entitled: ''The Invitation from God'' series. Such messages as ''Come and see,' ...

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