by Dennis Marquardt

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The Courage to Testify Like Paul (6 of 7)
Dennis Marquardt
Acts 26:1-31

INTRO: If you have ever been in a courtroom during a trial it soon becomes clear that some of the most important people in the room are the witnesses! A trial is often decided on the basis of the testimonies of the witnesses. It is also very interesting that to be a good witness one does not have to be trained or have to go through a heavy educational processes – in fact, leading or telling a witness what to do can get you into a lot of trouble in a court of law! One just has to testify to what one knows as they have experienced it or witnessed it!

Today we have turned witnessing for Christ into an experience like going to college, we have seminars in how to witness, we hold classes for weeks to train people how to witness, we offer certificates for those who go through weeks and weeks of evangelism explosion and other courses designed to make us effective witnesses. I wonder if we have learned the art of teaching how to witness without actually doing the work of witnessing?

In a court of law the best witnesses are those who simply tell what they know and what they have seen, just as the idea of training a witness can get you into trouble in a real court of law I sometimes think that too much emphasis on training or needed education for witnessing can make people believe that they can't testify for Christ unless they have had the proper training first! Maybe we need to return to the simple idea that witnessing is something ALL BELIEVERS CAN AND SHOULD DO ... AS SOON AS THEY ARE SAVED!

To put it another way: When does a candle give off light, long after it has burned and learned how give off light properly or when you first light it?

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that we need to have the courage to witness for Christ from the first day we are saved, every opportunity in life is an opportunity to witness for Christ and we need to take all these oppor ...

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