by Johnny Hunt

One Truth: Three Words
Johnny Hunt
Acts 3:19-21
Sept. 19, 2004

INTRODUCTION: The Bible is an amazing book. The words of the Bible are honest, truthful, and oftentimes very gracious words. In this text, having announced the crime (the main sin Peter laid upon the Jerusalem Jews was their sin of ignorance in rejecting the Messiah), presented the evidence (validation that Jesus is the Messiah), and explained the nature of their sin, Peter then offered them pardon. "What a strange thing" said Warren Wiersbe, "for the prosecuting attorney to become the defense attorney and the pardoning judge." Peter's burden was to encourage his people to trust Christ and experience His gracious salvation.

In this passage there is the personal call to individual faith in Jesus Christ, but there is also the promise to Israel concerning the "times of refreshing" and "the times of restoration of all things" that could have come with national repentance and one day will come in that context.

In this passage Peter uses words that are used nowhere else in the New Testament. He says that a great renovation of the entire universe is coming. In view of that, he makes an appeal for repentance and conversion. He describes the future as a time of refreshing that should come from the presence of the Lord. This refers to "a refreshing cooling after heat." When the Lord returns there will be a time of restitution (restoration) of all things, which means the restoration of a thing as it originally was. The only time in the Bible that those two words are used are the instances of which I have spoken.


"Repent" – to change one's mind; imperative.
(METANOEO) – to perceive afterwards; meta – after,
implying change; noeo, to perceive; nous, the mind, the
seat of moral reflection.

"thereafter" – reminds us of what the change of mind concerns.

Acts 3:13-18, "The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, t ...

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