by Stan Coffey

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Directions for a Happy New Year (4 of 4)
Series: New Year's
Stan Coffey
Genesis 35:1-7

This morning take your Bible and turn please to Genesis 35. We are going to begin our reading of the text in verse 1. I want to speak today on the subject, ''Directions For A Happy New Year''. I trust everyone here would like to have a happy New Year. And I am thankful that God gives us directions for a happy New Year.

God is the giver of many wonderful, new things. I have always been a person who likes new things. I like the smell of new things. I like the smell of a new car. When I have my car repaired I like to go in the showroom of the automobile place and just get in the new cars and sit because I like the way they smell. I like new things. I have a beautiful Christmas present that Glenda gave me. It is a leather jacket. One of the reasons I like that leather jacket so much is because it smells new. And I hope it smells new for a long time. When I wear it, it makes me feel so good because of the new smell. I like new things. You can have a new book and get so much enjoyment from a new book or you can have a new car or new clothes or a new house and there is just something very special about having something new.

And you know God is the giver of new things. When you come to Jesus by faith, He gives you a new birth. He puts in your heart a new spirit. Then you have a new nature. You have a new family, the church of the Lord Jesus. And you have a new destiny called heaven. And one day God says that He will say to us, ''behold I make all things new.'' And we are going to live, praise God, in a new city, the New Jerusalem, in a new heaven and a new earth. I like new things.

And now God has given to us a brand new year. The old year with all of its problems, with all of its mistakes, and even with all of its victories is gone. Last year is behind us and now we are on the threshold of a wonderful new year. And I believe it is going to be the greatest year for reach ...

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