by Stan Coffey

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Possessing The New Year (3 of 4)
Stan Coffey
Deuteronomy 11:10

I want us to turn in God's Word for a message from Deuteronomy 11:10. How exciting it is to begin a New Year. And I don't think we ever have the concept of time as we do when we come toward the end of an old year and we come to begin a new year. I want to speak to you today on the subject "Possessing The New Year". Claiming the New Year for Christ or possessing the New Year. The tragedy is so many people will walk through this next year and never posses it. They will never claim and yet God has rich, abundant blessings for you in the coming year. And if you are to claim those things, then certain things are going to have to be true. And God's Word has much to say about it.

We think about time so much in terms of the clock. We know that pretty soon the hands are going to be at the twelve. It is going to be 12:00 noon. And we don't get too concerned about that because we know that before too long, those hands are going to come back again and it is going to be 12:00 midnight. We work by the clock, we eat by the clock, get up by the clock, go to bed by the clock and we think of time as being circular. And we get to thinking about time being circular and sometimes we even feel that we are going through something that we have gone through before. Have you ever been in a certain place and you feel like I have been here before. Or you go through a certain experience and you say I have experienced this before.

But you know you can never experience a moment of time twice. You can only experience it once. And the Bible, the Word of God, teaches that time is linear, that time has a beginning and time has an ending. And that we can never go back and retrace the steps that we took last year. We are on the verge and brink of a new year at the point of no return. Now you understand what the point of no return is – if you take off in an airplane and you get a certain ...

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