by Stan Coffey

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A New Start (2 of 4)
Series: New Year's
Stan Coffey

Several years ago during the Rose Bowl Game, a boy by the name of Roy Rubbles recovered a fumble and he ran toward the wrong goal. As a matter of fact, Roy Rubbles took that football and he ran through the goalposts of the other team. It was at the end of the first half of the ballgame. And he describes what he did after he made that terrible mistake. He said I went in to that locker room humiliated. And I went down on one end of the dressing room and sat down and bowed my head and the rest of the team came in and nobody looked at me, nobody spoke to me because of what I had done. And I beat my fists on the floor and I swore that I would never touch another football as long as I lived. And he went on to say that soon the coach came in and he began to give the team the instructions for the second half of this important Rose Bowl Game. And about two minutes before it was time for the team to go back on to the field with his head still bowed, he heard the voice of the coach calling his name. He didn't even lift his head until the coach became very stern and he said Roy, get up off of that floor and come here. And he went over to the coach not knowing what to expect. His head was still bowed in shame and he heard his coach say some very surprising words. The coach said Roy this game is only half over. And I have noticed as I watched this game that this team is stronger on the left side. And I want you to go out there and play the half back position against their stronger side. He said, this game is only half over and I want you to go out there and play the game the way I know you can play it.

And the second half of the game began and soon when the team came on the field, the announcer with great surprise in his voice said, Roy Rubbles is back in the game. And pretty soon he was yelling at the top of his lungs, Roy Rubbles is carrying the ball. He is making the best-broken field run I have ever seen, breaking ...

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