by Robert Walker

Jesus Is the Only Door
Robert Walker
John 10:9
Eight or so years ago there was a story carried in various newspapers about a woman from Missouri who was startled out of a dead sleep one night by some desperate cries of "Help! Help!"
At first she thought perhaps her husband had cried out, but he was sleeping soundly next to her. Then suddenly she heard the cries again: "Help! Help! " Finally she threw back the covers and headed downstairs toward their living room.
"Help!" went the plaintive voice yet again. "Where are you?" the woman replied. "In the fireplace," came the rather shocking answer.
And sure enough, dangling in the fireplace with his head sticking through the flue was a burglar, upside down and quite snugly stuck!
The police and fire department got him out eventually, though not before having to disassemble the mantle and some of the masonry.
Perhaps the best part of the story was what this woman did in the meantime. She flipped on all the lights and videotaped the whole thing. I don't know what the two talked about while waiting for the police and company to arrive, maybe she should have gotten out a Bible and shared with the crook the reading of John 10: "Verily I tell you, anyone who does not enter by the door but climbs in another way is a thief and a robber!
In the ninth verse we have several things that are very important:

"I am the Door." Twice in the Greek He makes the emphatic statement, "I, and I alone, am the gate." I am exclusively the door.
Carl Sandburg said that the word "exclusive" is the worst word in the English language. But, I want you to know that Jesus Christ Himself made many exclusive claims. Just look at John's gospel.
Jesus claimed to be the eternal God and He claimed the exalted position of judging the world [John 5:22]; and He claimed to be the only Savior of the entire human race [John. 14:6; John. 10:9].
The supremacy of Jesus is declared inclusively also. Christians ...

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