by Stan Coffey

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God's Gift to the World (5 of 10)
Stan Coffey
John 3:16

Jesus is the reason for the season. I want us to turn to John 3:16. I am going to speak this morning on the subject, ''God's Gift To The World''. I know that some of you are still shopping for your Christmas presents, the reason I know that is because I am still shopping for mine and I saw some of you yesterday shopping. Christmas is a wonderful time for the Christian. And as we look about us, many people do not really know the reason of Christmas; they do not really put Christ in Christmas. But aren't you glad as believers that Jesus is the reason for the season? In Jesus own time there was no room for Him in the Inn but thanks be to God, there was a group of humble shepherds and later some wise men who came to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. They knew what Christmas was all about. And I thank God today that He has some humble people who know what Christmas is all about. John 3:16 tells us of God's gift to the world. Perhaps this is the most concise Christmas verse as well as concise message of God's Word of all the verses in the Bible.

John 3:16 ''For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.''

God, the greatest being, so loved, the greatest love, the largest number of people that He gave, that is the greatest sacrifice, His only begotten Son, His greatest possession, that whosoever, the greatest invitation, believeth in Him, the only plan of salvation, should not perish, that is the greatest condemnation, but have everlasting life, that is the greatest gift. The greatest gift at Christmas time is the gift of God to this world.


And I want to say several things about God's gift at this particular time of the year. First of all I am reminded that the gift of God is mentioned all through the Word of God, that this gift is an unparalleled gift. Paul said ...

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