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What I Want for Christmas (4 of 10)
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Stan Coffey
Matthew 1:18-24

Today I am going to read a passage from the Christmas story in Matthew 1:18. If you would like to take your Bible and turn to that and I want to preach a message today entitled ''What I Want For Christmas.''

I wonder today if you have made the list of things that you want for Christmas? Have you made your Christmas list? I hope you have. I don't know what is on your Christmas list but I would like to tell the church today some things that I want for Christmas. I don't want you to get too worried because these are not things that will cost you one penny, but I want you to pray with me that God will give me these things for Christmas.

When I was a boy, and still today, I always have something in mind that I want for Christmas. I look forward to Christmas. I like to open the packages. I never did like to save the paper. You know, they always use to make me save the paper on the packages. They would tell me not to tear the paper because I had to save it for next year! My mother gave me a gift for my birthday and she even asked for the box back after I took the gift out of it! So that is just the way it was around my house, we were very frugal, very thrifty!


But there are some things that I want for Christmas as we think about the Christmas season. The first thing that I want for Christmas is the faith of Mary and Joseph. As I read the Word of God I see how they accepted God's Word by faith. Here was Mary, a virgin girl, and she is told by the angel of God that she out of all of the Hebrew women of all time will be the one chosen of the Lord to bear the Messiah. And just imagine being told that! Yet she had the faith in God that it took to simply believe God and to take God at His Word. And she immediately submitted herself to that and said Lord if that is what you want for me, then I am honored above all women.

Think about the faith ...

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