by Stan Coffey

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Life's Fearful Valleys (1 of 7)
Stan Coffey
Psalm 23:4

There are two kinds of fear, there is a negative kind of fear but there is also a positive kind of fear. It is the kind of fear that tells us we shouldn't ski on our feet! It is the same kind of fear you know that tells you that you shouldn't play with rattle snakes and if you live in Florida and you have had two hurricanes and one is on the way, you might ought to think about evacuating! God in deed did give us a spirit of self-preservation, so not all fear is bad. There is a kind of fear that God put within us that is good. That is to be careful when we get out on the highway, be careful how we drive and that is a good kind of fear.

But there is what the Bible calls a "spirit of fear", a demonic spirit of fear, that is paralyzing, that is tyrannizing, and that Satan wants to us in the life of every young person, every adult here today to rob us of the joy of the power and the victory and the wholeness that God wants us to have and that indeed Jesus Christ bought for us on the cross of Calvary when He shed His blood and rose again from the dead. Paul called it a bondage of fear, a spirit of bondage again to fear. He wrote Timothy and said God did not give us this spirit of fear. So we know it came from Satan. That is the kind of fear that we will be talking about over the next six weeks. And we will be talking about the six most common kinds of fear.

We will begin in the 23rd Psalm, which is about a fearful valley. When you read this passage of Scripture, you know that you hear it most of the time at funerals. In fact you hardly ever hear this Psalm unless you go to a funeral, but this is not a funeral Psalm. This is a Psalm that describes a believer's walk with God, his daily walk with God and how to walk in victory over fear.

Today I am going to begin this series and call it "Living By Faith In A Culture Of Fear". And today, the fi ...

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