by James Merritt

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Your New Home (8 of 8)
James Merritt
Joshua 24:14-15


1. For almost two months now, we have been together in an extreme home makeover. You are looking at pretty much the finished product. It does look much different from what we had when we first started. The process has taken us from nails, boards, screws, nuts and bolts to our new house. What you see behind me, represents what we want every family to experience - an extreme home makeover. That is why we spent the last eight weeks on it.

2. A great Christian who lived over a century ago, named G. K. Chesterton, put it all in perspective when he asked this question, "Can anyone tell me two things more vital to the race than these: what man shall marry what woman and what shall be the first things taught to their first child?"

3. May I tell you why that question is so vitally important in the 21st century?
* Every eight seconds a child drops out of school
* Every twenty-six seconds a child runs away from home
* Every forty-seven seconds a child is abused
* Every sixty-seven seconds a teenage has a baby
* Every seven minutes a child is arrested for drug abuse
* Every thirty minutes a child is arrested for drunk driving
* Every thirty-six minutes a child is killed by a gun

3. I believe in a spiritual being called, Satan. I believe he has a master plan to destroy this country. His number one target is the home. i told you last week that the foundation of the nation is a stable family. If you destroy the family, you destroy the nation.

4. I want to share with you today one decision that in effect wraps up all the other things we've been talking about that can ensure that you have an extreme home makeover. It is a decision that can give you a new marriage. It can give you a new family. It can literally give you a new home. It is the decision that a man named, Joshua, makes before the Nation of Israel over 2,000 years ago. He is standing before his fellow ...

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