by James Merritt

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Weatherproofing Your Home (7 of 8)
James Merritt
Matthew 7:24-27


1. [Skit]
We have just seen how even in a home, a storm can come up almost without warning. In fact, homes are especially susceptible to storms. There are violent, vicious, visible storms that can destroy a marriage, devastate children and decimate a family. You see homes are just like restaurants. Every restaurant has a certain atmosphere and so do homes. To show you how men and women are different, when men go to a restaurant they are concerned about the quality of the food. Women are not so much concerned about the food - they want atmosphere. It is what is popularly known as "ambiance". Ambiance is a classy, upscale French word and I think it means, "expensive."

2. Every home has an atmosphere and it is basically either a constructive atmosphere or a destructive atmosphere. It is a place where either the family is being built up or it is being torn apart.

3. That atmosphere that you set inside that home is what really weatherproofs your house from the storms of life. Weatherproofing your home is something that Jesus was greatly concerned about.

4. At the conclusion of the greatest sermon ever preached in the history of the world, The Sermon On The Mount, Jesus closes with a parable; it is a story of two home builders.

5. He tells us in this parable that the most important part of building a home is not what you build, nor how you build, but where you build. I think you would agree that you would be better off building a log-cabin on a rock than a mansion in a swamp.

6. I read an amazing true story about a builder who developed a sub-division of glamorous, expensive, exclusive homes in Canada. This happened several years ago and these homes sold for over $250,000 each.

7. On the outside, it was a beautiful magnificent sub-division. Winter came, snow fell, the winds began to blow and all of a sudden, first one house and then another ho ...

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