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Framing Values - Part B (3 of 8)
James Merritt
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1. We are continuing to make progress on our Extreme Home Makeover as you can see and the framing is coming right along. Last week we talked about framing values for your children. Today, I want to talk about framing values for your teenagers. Have you listened to teenagers talk recently? I want to be honest and tell you that I suffer from TLD - Teenage Language Deficiency. If you have listened to your teenager talk lately, you know that their favorite word now is ''like''. I counted up one time and Joshua, my son, used the word'' like'' - 58 times in 21 seconds.

2. Teen speak is almost a foreign language. Let me give you some teen language definitions.
* Sick = Cool or good ''That song is so sick.''
* Kicks = Shoes ''Hey, cool new kicks!''
* Tight = Good or cool ''Tight shirt''
That shows you how much things have changed. If I told Teresa her pants were tight, she wouldn't speak to me for 3 weeks!
* Dope = Cool or good, without any reference to drugs. ''My new skateboard is so dope.''
* Shut Up! = Your kidding! No way!
(So if your teenager tells you that- you don't necessarily want to hit him!)
* Phat= Tight, Sick, Dope or Cool ''hey phat car!''
* Peeps= Friends, ''People'' Whose your peeps?''
* Dawg= Friend ''What's up Dawg!'' (I love the way teenagers talk)

3. There is one other thing about teenage language. If adults start using their language, then they change the language. Teenage language is the language that only teenagers can use. Let me give you some good news - you don't have to talk like teenagers to talk to teenagers. For just a moment, I want you to look into the heart of a teenager with me. Gallup recently surveyed 500 teenagers and asked them, ''What one thing would you rate as the most important thing in your life?'' More important than a sense of accomplishment, good physical health, or good self image - the number one answer was this - 9 out of 10 teena ...

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