by David Cawston

Dignity on Parade
David Cawston
Esther 2:5-20


Never underestimate the power of a woman. Bumper Sticker says, "The right man for a job is a Woman! Man may think that he is the head but the woman is the neck that turns the head! Men woman are in far more control than we think! They influence us from our birth! They take care of us when we are hurt! They feed us when we are hungry! They even let us think that we choose them to marry! Not so!

"A man chases after a woman until she catches him."

God places great value on women! Throughout the Old and New Testament Women were very influential in the declaration and preservation of the Gospel!

Jochabed, Miriam, Rahab, Esther, Ruth, Homer, Bathsheba, Mary - Jesus' Mother, Mary - Sister of Lazarus, Martha, Mary - Magdelene, Priscilla Mother of Rufus Sister of Nereus Mother of Timothy Eunas and Grandmother Lois

Here we have a Story of such a Woman who was used of God to be a deliverer for the Nation of Israel in captivity!

Israel had been taken into captivity by Babylon but Babylon had been eventually overthrown by the Medes and the Persians in 539 BC. Ahasuerus became the ruling king of the Persian empire in 485BC and that kingdom stretched from India to Ethiopia in 127 provinces.

The book of Esther is a slice of History from this period of time. It proves the sovereignty of God in preserving His people through a beautiful woman. The story in a nut shell is this. Two of King Ahasuerus counselors were plotting to assassinate him. Their plot became known to Mordecai an exiled Jew living Susha at the time. He told his adopted daughter Queen Esther and she reported it to the king and the assassination plot was thwarted. He never gets credit for thwarting this coup. Another of the king's counselors by the name of Haman hates Mordecai for he will not bow down to him and Mordecai is a Jew. So he plots to have all the Jews killed in the kingdom through a diabolic plan that he had schemed up. ...

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