by David Cawston

Developing a Spirit of Gratefulness
David Cawston
Psalm 34:1-22

At this thanksgiving season we as people need to learn to truly develop a Sprit of Gratefulness. We have become a people who believe that our birthright is blessing.

We believe that all of the blessings that we receive come also by our own ingenuity and personal hard work and luck.

Because of this we have become very self centered and have very little gratefulness in our culture.
We either feel that we are lucky and have no one to be grateful too, or that everybody else owes us something.

How did we get so mean?
* It may be from a fear that God's love, blessings, and opportunities are limited and we need to protect what we have by driving others out.
* It may come from comparing ourselves to others rather than having a team collaboration attitude.
* It may be an overreaction to the fall of Christian leaders in our country who have tainted our message, so we reject anyone who is in the spotlight.
* It may be that we have a fear that God doesn't love us completely, and turn that fear into meanness.

We are hurting people because we have lost the art of developing the spirit of Gratefulness.
Grateful people get more out of life. University of California researcher Robert Emmons found in working with three groups of 200 students. The group that reported the most to be thankful for over a 10-week period also reported better emotional and physical health, had more energy, and made more progress toward reaching long-term goals...

Webster calls gratitude or gratefulness "a feeling of thankful appreciation for favors or benefits received; warm, appreciative response to kindness." You need both to have a complete definition.
Gratefulness is both an attitude and an action.

If you are appreciative but do not express appreciation, you are not doing others any good.
Norman Vincent Peale was speaking on faith, hope and courage and a man came up to him after i ...

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