by David Cawston

Deeper Bonds
David Cawston
Mark 3:7-35


The family was God's idea.
From the beginning of creation, God intended that His people should be a family.
Man's rebellion and fall from His intended PURPOSE TO LOVE God and to be the beloved community of His people resulted in an estrangement from their creature and their fellow brothers.

The Old Testament is the bloody record of man's misuse of himself and his fellow humans.

Then God interceded Himself.
He came to set things right, to reconcile man to God and man to one another.

Any interpretation of the life of Jesus, which leaves out one or the other, is heresy, a distortion and a fragmentation of the truth.

What we feel in the moving events of the Gospel of Mark, is the tabulation of the beginning of a new creation.
* God in our midst, recreating His original intention.
* Christ was God with us and for us.
* God loving and healing.
* God forgiving and reconciling.
* God creating a new people, His own holy people.

Uniquely related to Him by grace and to one another as brothers and sisters in a new kind of family that Jesus would establish called the church.

That's what makes the calling of His disciples so significant.
He gave many of them a new name, which was a promise that they would come and fellowship with Him.

In a strategic moment when the followers and disciples of Jesus were least together in concern for each other, at time when they were most conscience of their differences politically, socially and in personality.
Jesus called them brothers and sisters and distinguished them as an essential family.

Picture the scene with me.
Jesus back in the home that provided Him hospitality in Capernium.
The crowds had witnessed His healing miracles and heard His message of love and hope.
And they pressed upon Him.
The scribes from Jerusalem are prominent.
They had just accused Him of blasphemy and then had committed the ultimate blasphemy themselves, by declarin ...

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