by David Cawston

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Hope Beyond Bitterness (8 of 14)
David Cawston
I Peter 3:12-17

Our response to unfairness and our response to life are based solely on our perspective -- the particular vantage point from which we look at life. The truth is that life is difficult, and life is not fair. Maybe that's why fairy tales are so appealing to good people – because they receive rewards and we believe:
People live "happily ever after" while bad people are soundly punished.
Life works out,
justice is done
fairness reigns supreme.

We need to understand that fairness is rare. Every epitaph could read: "Life is difficult." Our lives are haunted by unfairness when we want fairness. Instead of justice we are surrounded by injustice. We want deceit exposed, dishonesty revealed and truth rewarded, but things just don't work out that way – at least not as we perceive them.

Some families have been wracked by unfairness. A mate leaves a loving and faithful partner. Disease steals a loved one prematurely. An unfair situation at work or school keeps escalating.

As Christians we know that ultimately good will triumph over evil – that our God is unjust, unkind and unfair. What can we do with the injustices and unfairness in the meantime? How can we keep pressing on in spite of such mistreatment?

There are two distinct perspectives in Scripture:

Our Human Perspective.
Our natural human perspective contends:
"Since life is unfair, I'm going to get my share. I'm going to look out for No. 1. I'm going to spend my energy setting things straight or making it right. I'm not going to take it any longer."

Our world is full of literature and counselors who will help you carry out this agenda. The problem is, you may get even, but you won't get peace. You may feel better for the short term, but you won't get lasting satisfaction. You may find a way to channel your anger, but if retaliation is your major goal, you won't glorify God. Those w ...

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