by David Cawston

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Hope in Marriage (6 of 14)
A People of Hope Series
David Cawston
I Peter 3:1-7

There is nothing like marriage, and there is nothing like marriage!

An old Arab proverb states that marriage begins with a prince kissing an angel and ends with a bald-headed man looking across the table at a fat lady!

Socrates told his students: "By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, twice-blessed you will be. If you get a bad wife, you become a philosopher."

Count Herman Keyscerling said it well when he stated: "The essential difficulties of life do not end, but rather begin with marriage."

I am reminded of the story of a man who was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary, and at the close of the anniversary he was sitting on the stairs of his front porch crying. A friend of his came up to him and said: "George, why are you crying? This should be one of the happiest days in your life – you've been married for 50 years and you're celebrating this together with your wife!" George looked at him and said through his tears: "I know, I know." The man said: "Why are you crying?" George said: "Well, I just remembered – 50 years ago my wife and I were having a terrible fight and I just wanted to killer her, and my father was a police officer and warned me not to do that – he told me if I did that I'd get 50 years in jail. Today, I could've been a free man!"

A wedding is one thing – a marriage is something else entirely.

It's living together after the honeymoon that turns out to be rough backpacking across rocks and hot sand.
For two people to live in domestic harmony, it takes a lot of give-and-take.

If you need any confirmation of this outside your own life, just look around yourself – on the job, in the office, around your neighborhood, at church. You'll see broken marriages, separations, divorces and fractured homes. Some children have so many step-parents, they can't keep track of them.

The Apostle Peter ...

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