by Ernest Easley

Feasting on the Feasts: The Feast of Pentecost
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Leviticus 23:15-22

We are continuing our study tonight on the seven feasts of Israel. These seven special feasts are found in the Old Testament book of Leviticus. So lets begin there ... Leviticus .. the 23rd chapter.

Now for a few weeks now we have been ''Feasting on the Feasts.'' And let me remind you that these feasts were a shadow of things to come. Now .. they were literal feasts. But God gave them these seven feasts as a way of pointing to the real thing.

I am so glad that today .. we have more than the shadow! We have the real thing! Now the world wants to tell you that Coke is the real thing. Folks .. coke is not the real thing ... Jesus is the real thing. And those seven feasts point to the coming of Jesus and the birth of the church! Why have the shadow when you can have the real thing?

I want you to notice in Leviticus 23.4, ''These are the feasts of the Lord, holly convocations which you shall proclaim at their appointed times.'' God said to Moses, ''These are my feasts.'' Well .. if they were God's feasts .. then why did He instruct the children of Israel to participate in them?

I'll tell you why. Because by participating in these seven feasts ... they caused the children of Israel to look up! By participating in the feasts .. they were drawn to God.

Isn't that just like God? He is always working to draw us to Him! That's why when a person dies and goes to Hell that he has to fight God all the way! God is constantly drawing people to Himself! Sometimes He uses a Message or Music. Sometimes He uses a Crisis or a Celebration. But God is always drawing the lost to Himself .. yet .. never forcing Himself on them.

So .. keep in mind that these were seven literal feasts. But these feasts were more than feasts. They were a shadow of what was to come. Also remember that God told Moses that each feast was to be celebrated at ''their appointed times.'' And as we have see ...

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