by Ernest Easley

Becoming an Effective Witness
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
John 5:32-33; Matthew 11:7-9,11
March 12, 2000

Last Sunday night we took a look at the three pictures of God taken by the apostle John! For the more we look ..the more we'll like. And the more we look at God .. the more we'll love God .. and the more like God we'll want to become!

And I hope that is your desire tonight .. to be more like God! I'm not talking about perfection. I am talking about direction. Those who know Jesus will walk in the direction Jesus walked. He walked in purity. He walked in honesty. He walked in selflessness.

Well .. we saw last Sunday night that John's picture of the Father's Heart tells us that He loves us. John's picture of the Father's Hands tell us that He keeps us. And then we saw John's picture of the Father's Home and that tells us that He awaits us.

His Heart tells us that He loves us. His Hands tell us that He keeps us. His Home tells us that He awaits us.

Now in our time tonight .. we're going to take a look at some a few more pictures. Pictures of the last Old Testament Prophet. So .. join me in the gospel according to John .. chapter 5. In a moment .. we're going to begin reading in verse 31.

Who would you say was the last Old Testament Prophet? Perhaps it would be Zechariah? Or perhaps Malachi? Well .. believe it or not .. the last Old Testament Prophet is found in the New Testament!

This prophet had a rock for a pulpit and the wilderness for a choir! He wore camel's hair for a robe! He ate locusts and wild honey but he didn't preach it. He preached Hell was hot .. Heaven was sure .. Sin was black .. and that Jesus saved!

And of course I'm talking about John the Baptizer .. the forerunner .. the introducer of the Lamb of God.

Now last time John the Apostle was the photographer taking pictures of God. Tonight we have the Son of God taking some pictures of John the Baptist. And it's from these pictures ...

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