by Ernest Easley

Our Final Destination: A Glance at Glory
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Revelation 21; John 14
June 4, 2000

For the last couple of Sunday mornings now .. we've been thinking about Our Final Destination. I have showed you what the Word of God says about "The Gateway to Glory."

For the child of God ... physical death leads us to and through the Gateway to Glory .. forever in the presence of God!

But for the Christ rejecter .. physical death leads to and through the Gateway to Gloom .. forever separated from the presence of God!!

For those who are born once will die twice and those who are born twice will die once! That is to say that if you only experience physical birth .. you will not only die physically .. you will die spiritually! Forever separated from God! Forever separated from Peace! Forever separated from the presence and peace and people of God.

But on the other hand .. for those who are born twice will only die once! That is to say that if you are born physically AND spiritually .. you will only die once. And I'm talking about physical death when your soul and spirit are separated from your body.

Now .. a lot of people don't like talking about death ...though it is often on their minds! It's like that astronaut who was being interviewed by a reporter just moments before he was to blast off to the moon.

The reporter asked, "Tell me, do you have any grave doubts about your success?" The astronaut said, "Please don't use that word grave." "Oh, I'm sorry," said the reporter. "Then tell me, what do you think you'll feel when you leave earth and pass on into space?" "Please sir," said the astronaut, "don't use those words 'pass on.''

"I'm sorry," said the reporter. "I have one last question: Do you have any fear about this undertaking? " He said, "Do you have to use the word 'undertaking?"

Folks .. there is no avoiding it! One of these days you are going to be ushered into eternity and on the authority of the ...

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