by Ernest Easley

Home Improvement: Deadlock to Wedlock
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
James 1:19
August 27, 2003

We are thinking tonight about Home Improvement.

So ... join me for a few minutes tonight to the New Testament book of James. If you are looking for a practical book in the Bible .. I mean a book that speaks to the 21st century ... then James is the book for you!

In fact .. it is one of my favorite books in the New Testament because it speaks to so many issues in life .. including marriage! And tonight from James chapter 1 ... I want to talk to you about Deadlock to Wedlock!

Too often ... a man and a woman enter into marriage blindly. It's like that salesman who walked into a department store looking for a job. After finding the manager .. he said, "Sir, I am a salesman and I need a job."

The manager said, "Well, I don't need anymore salesmen. I have all I need." Well .. this man was desperate for a job. He said to the manager, "Sir, you do need another salesman because I'm a good salesman."

"Oh, you are .. are you?" Replied the manager. He said, "O.K. .. do you see that purple and green suit over there? I've tried for three years to sell it. If you can sell it over the lunch hour, you've got a job."

So ... after lunch .. the manager returned to the store .. walked in .. and he couldn't believe his eyes. The salesman was standing there bleeding and his clothes torn to pieces. The purple and green suit was gone.

He asked the salesman what happened. He said, "Did you have a problem with a customer?" He said, "No, but I did have trouble with his seeing eye dog."

I'm afraid that too often we enter into marriage blind and not really knowing what we've bought into. And sometimes we end up bleeding emotionally and psychologically and spiritually and sometimes even physically.

What we need is Home Improvement! Now .. sometimes couples get into it .. sometimes they stay in it. Like the man who was talking about his marriag ...

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