by Dennis Marquardt

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Peacemakers, Making Peace (7 of 8)
Dennis Marquardt
Matthew 5:9, 23-25; Romans 14:17-19; James 3:13-18

Because this world is full of discord and fighting mankind is constantly striving for peace. Why is the world like this? The human heart is sinful! The reason there are constant needs for "peace treaties" has to do with the constant need of salvation to change the human heart.
The world loves the thought of peace. The United Nations exist to bring this goal into reality. They have huge peacekeeping forces. But that is just the problem, peacekeepers are not what the world needs, it is PEACEMAKERS that are needed! We cannot keep a peace that hasn't yet been made.
Today we have "peace treaties" - "peace missions" - "peace prizes" - "peace ambassadors" - "green-peacers" - "peace conferences" - peace marches" - "peaceful co-existence pacts"... but the one thing we don't have is PEACE!
The world has always based peace on such things as:

1. Fear of mutual destruction (this is what "detente" with Russia was based on, a philosophical doctrine called "M.A.D." - 'Mutually Assured Destruction')

2. Superior forces which force peace deals

3. Peace treaties often are made to promote material prosperity to come to both sides

Such attempts at peace in this world are often based on MISTRUST, GREED, HATRED, PRAGMATISM, POWER, FEAR, ETC. That is why it is so tenuous.

PROP. SENT: The Word of God calls us to be "PEACEMAKERS," and for those who are they will find great happiness! "Peacemakers will be called the sons of God."

I. MAKERS OF PEACE - RIGHTEOUSNESS Rom. 14:17-19; James 3:13-18; Matt. 5:9

A. Hostilities Ended! Rom. 14:17-19; James 3:13-18

1. It is a fact of life that this world is full of hostility.

2. Hence the need for "makers of peace."

3. The role of the "peacemaker" is to bring to an end to the hostilities of two or more parties...

a. Between God and man

b. Between man and ...

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