by Duane Bemis

Encounter of The Pentecostal Kind
Duane Bemis

First and foremost I do not want you to get to excited about the word, Pentecost, this word comes from the Old Testament feast found in Exodus 23:16. This was a feast of first fruits and it was celebrated on the 50 day after Passover. That is the true meaning of the word and what the word implies. Over the years man has used this word to mean much more. Some of that brings with it negative thoughts or images while some of us might think different. Listen with your heart, mind, and spirit as you read the following text. I am only telling you about my own personal journey beyond salvation and a desire to go deeper in the things of God. I found more! The more I found was God's heartbeat laced with His supernatural power!

There I was minding my own business. I was in the Spirit during worship one Sunday morning. I personally hungered for more. I knew there was more to this Christianity then met the eye. But I had so many puzzling things going on in my mind. Circumstances in my life made me wonder about the true existence of God. But on this Sabbath day I wanted more from God. I was tired of listening to man. I was exhausted at the attempt to answer all of life's questions with shallow, powerless words conceived in someone's mind.

* Have you ever been there?
* Have you ever question others about the lack of miracles?
* Have you gotten to the place that you are dissatisfied with church?
* Have you gotten that place where all you want is God?

That morning I reached out to God and God alone. There was nothing that would satisfy my heart but a real touch from my Creator. I wanted to see Him move upon me in supernatural ways. I even became so bold as to tell the Lord I did not have to understand it right then and now but He could show me later in His word. About that time I saw a small five-year-old boy dancing in the space between the pews. I was a visitor at this church and in my church kids where not allowed ...

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