by Jim Henry

Child of Hope
Jim Henry
Isaiah 7:14; 9:6, 7; 53:4-6

A member of royalty came to the United States for a visit. She brought with her 4,000 pounds of luggage. Two outfits for every occasion. Two valets and 40 pints of plasma in case there was an emergency, a grieving outfit in case there was a death, and white kid-leather toilet seat covers. It cost about $20 million for the trip.

Two thousands years ago there was another royal visit. His name was Jesus Christ. He came just like you and I did, but, in very humble circumstances. He had a teenage mother that He had to depend on for food, clothing and warmth. He was in a situation where even the animals in that stall could have trampled on Him if they weren't careful. He cried, He couldn't control His bladder and was totally dependent on other human beings for His life. This is God.

God is great but He also became little like us. This child, who has divided history and the calendar into two parts, is the child of hope. This morning that is why we have gathered to celebrate this child of hope. Hundreds of years before Christ was born, Isaiah talked about this child of hope. Let's look at it. Please open your Bibles to the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 7. We are going to look in three places in Isaiah. We will begin with the first indication of this child of hope and, how unique, though like us, Jesus is. Let's have a word of prayer and then we will think and remember with gratitude together.

Would you pray with me? Father, thank You so much for this wonderful Christmas Eve. Thank You that You came as a child of hope for a world that has needed hope since Adam and Eve sinned. You came to show that there is hope in the midst of hopelessness. Lord, I pray today that as we look at the uniqueness of who You are, it will make a difference in who we can become, who we are and how we live our lives. Thank you, Lord, that in Your powerful coming and this royal visit to a feed trough in Bethlehem, You who were rich becam ...

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