by Jim Henry

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He Came: In Us (3 of 3)
Rev. Jim Henry
John 14:15-17

Incredibly possible: In 1906, the German ship, the Grosser Kerfurst went down. When that ship went out to sea, a strange thing happened. A baby was born in first class, twins were born in second class, and triplets were born in third class: incredibly possible. But if you think that is something, think about this: Robert Todd Lincoln was present in 1865, when his father was assassinated. In 1881, he was just a few feet away from President James Garfield when he was assassinated at the Washington Rail Station. In 1901, he was present when President William McKinley was assassinated in Buffalo, New York. Incredibly possible, but it happened.

Would you believe what happened to Suleyman Guresci. After a marital struggle of several years he and his wife divorced. For six years he tried to find a mate. He was very lonely. Finally he went to one of the services where they match you up with a person most likely to fit your compatibility. 2,000 tests later they came up with the perfect mate. Guess who it was? His first wife! Incredibly possible!

Thomas Day gave to his son, William Waller, who was 10 years old, an 1858 50-cent piece. He kept it for many years. It was minted in that year and very special and precious to the family. After awhile he passed it on to his son, Sam. Sam received it in 1924. He wanted it to be kept as a family memento so he etched in that half-dollar piece the initials W.D. standing for Waller Day. He kept it in a special pouch in his pocket because he didn't want to lose it. After a period of years that pouch grew thinner and thinner and in 1949 at a picnic that piece fell through the worn-out pouch and fell in with his other coins. He went to a store to purchase something and gave away this precious family memento that had been in the family for so many years. He was heartbroken about it. He looked in vain for it and couldn't find it any where. ...

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