by Jim Henry

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He Came: With Us
Series: He Came
Jim Henry
Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:22-23

Two little boys, one eight years old and the other ten years old, moved into a new community. To say the least they were very mischievous. In fact, their mother and dad had trouble controlling them and they were raising cane all over the community. They heard that the local preacher had a pretty good way with kids so they decided to set up an appointment and have them go see the preacher.

He brought the eight-year-old in first. He sat him down in front of him and asked him very gently, ''Where is God?'' The little eight-year-old boy just looked at him. He raised his voice a little bit and he asked, ''Where is God?'' The little boy still just stared at him. The third time he got a little sterner and he demanded, ''Where is God?'' It scared him so much he jumped up and ran out the door, ran home and found his ten-year-old brother and said, ''Come here just a minute.'' They ran into his room and shut the door. The little one said, ''Boy, are we in trouble! God's missing and they think we did it.''

You know, for a long time people have been looking for God. ''Where is God?'' the people are saying. Who is God? What is God like? Throughout history God has had an amazing way of showing Himself through some unexplainable circumstances. Who would have ever thought Moses, who stuttered, would have been the one to have delivered the edict to Pharaoh to let God's people go? Then God would turn around and use a rod to part the Red Sea! What about David? He was just a young man, a shepherd. In fact, his whole family thought he was the least of all the brothers, and yet God saw his heart and picked David to go take on Goliath. He took him on with a slingshot and killed him. God used a young man and a slingshot to bring victory to His people.

God used wonderful, wonderful people, plain people, unusual circumstances and things to accomplish His mission. We are going to see today how He came t ...

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