by Robert Walker

Are You Prepared to Meet God?
Robert Walker

When I was a student at Emmanuel College in Franklin Spring Georgia I heard the great preacher R.G. Lee who the pastor of the church where Adrian Rogers is pastor now in Memphis, Tennessee.

I heard him preach a sermon entitled Pay Day Some Day at Hartwell Baptist Church in Hartwell Georgia. He signed my bible (Psalm 34). For one week I have the wonderful privilege of hearing preach on the subject of "Yielding the members of your bodies as instruments of righteousness unto God. What a powerful preacher.

In that sermon he used to talk about a young girl named Tony Jo. She had lived a very wild life. She had taken many chances with her life and finally her life came
ended in tragedy when committed murder.

In such a vivid way Dr. R.G. Lee used to describe Tony Jo as she was walking to the death chamber. He used to show walking on the way to the death chamber and he would be talking to her as she walked.

Tony Jo went into the death chamber. They put her into the electric chair and then she said these for her last words, "Somehow I knew all along God was running the show. I just thought I could steal one act."

All of us know down in our hearts that there is a God, that God is in charge, and we know that sooner or later there is going to be a day of judgment. It is written on the pages of the human heart that God has appointed a day of judgment.

The Hitler's and the Alexander's, the Mussolini's and the Stalin's, and the Sadams. All of them are going to be there. The rock stars that damned the souls of young people are going to be there. The entertainment moguls who have polluted the morals of the universe are going to be there.

All of the great sinners are going to be there that day. There won't be any bragging and boasting that day. There won't be any denying and deflecting the accusations that day. There they stand--the small and the great before God. It's time for their ...

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