by Robert Walker

An Old Sinner Saved by Grace
Robert Walker
I Timothy 1:12-17

In Ian Maclaren's book titled ''afterwards and Other Stories, he has a chapter called ''Dr. Davidson's Last Christmas. Dr Davidson was the old parish minister in Drumtochty.

Ian Maclaren writes, ''John, the minister's man paid his usual last visit to the study before he went to bed. The Dr. did not hear him enter the room. He was holding conversation with his dog; Skye was seated on a chair looking very wise and much interested.

'Ye are a bonnie beastly Skye you've been true and kind to your master, Skye and you'll miss him if he leaves you.

Some day you will die also and they will bury ye, and I doubt that will be the end of ye, Skye. Ye've never heard o' God, Skye, or the Saviour for yuir just a puir wee doggie, but your master is minister of Drumtochty and a sinner saved by Grace.

The Dr. was so much affected as he said the last words slowly to himself that John went out on tiptoe, and twice during the night listened fancying he heard Skype whine.

In the morning the Dr. was still sitting in his big chair and Skpe was fondly licking a hand that would never again caress him.

''Minister of Drumtochty and a sinner saved by grace.


Notice and of all sinner'' the chief'' or as J.B. Phillips translate it ''the worst.'' I wonder if we see ourselves as sinners. It is so easy to lose sight of this fact. In seeing himself as a sinner I think of two things''

1. The Guilt Recalled

Before Paul had his dramatic encounter with the risen Christ on the Damascus Road Paul was formerly a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent aggressor. A blasphemer is one who slanders God, who overtly speaks evil of Him. Paul was a relentless, driven, ferocious persecutor of the church.

Paul describes himself as a violent aggressor that literally means in our vernacular no human kindness. Paul was driven by violence and contempt for others with a desire to mistreat them ...

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