by Steve Wagers

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Jehosophat: A God-Sized Moment for a God-Sized Miracle! (6 of 7)
Series: Leading Us in Prayer Will Be...
Steve N. Wagers
II Chronicles 20:1-30

Sermon Outline
1. The Problem that is Outlined!
A. A Battle Greviously Faced!
B. A Battle Greatly Feared!
2. The Prayer that is Offered!
A. Jehosophat's Heavenly Confidence!
B. Jehosophat's Honest Confession!
3. The Power that is Observed!
A. A Time of Responding to God's Voice!
B. A Time of Rejoicing in God's Victory!

1. Several years ago, a large Portuguese coastal steamer with 53 crewmen, 300 Portuguese troops and 200 Mozambique Africans on board, grounded on a sandar off of East Africa during a violent storm. While rescue attempts were made from the shore, fire broke out on the ship. The fire suddenly spread to the stores of ammunition, and the whole ship exploded in flames.

2. Many of the passengers jumped into the sea, only to be attacked by sharks. Those who did manage to make the shore were attacked by roaring, hungry lions in a mangrove jungle nearby. Each man was faced with a life or death decision. Either stay on board, and face certain death; or, attempt to go to land, where savage beasts awaited them. It was truly a hopeless case, one in which only 150 of the 600 on board survived.

3. There are times in life when it seems we encounter hopeless situations. We are at our wits end, and we don't know what to do. I once read an advertisement about a pub called "The Wits End." It was described as "The Place to Be." However, in life, at our wits end is certainly not the place to be.

4. We often feel like the fellow who said that the light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be the headlight of an approaching train. Another said that they were so depressed that their hands shook so badly they could brush their teeth without any voluntary movement and that they had cried so much their contacts had rusted to their eyeballs. It may be that things are so bad that you feel l ...

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