by Steve Wagers

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JABEZ: A Picture of Success! (5 of 7)
Series: Leading Us in Prayer Will Be...
Steve N. Wagers
II Chronicles 4:9-10

Sermon Outline
1. Jabez and His Sanctified Ambition!
A. An Unusual Name!
B. An Unusual Notoriety!
2. Jabez and His Specified Petition!
A. The Person He Approaches!
B. The Purpose He Acknowledges!
1. God's Providing Hand!
2. God's Performing Hand!
3. God's Protecting Hand!
3. Jabez and His Satisfied Condition!
A. The Pleasure of God that was Expressed!
B. The Pleasure of God that was Extended!

1. The great statesman, Booker T. Washington once said:
"Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way!"

2. In his book, "Rising Above the Crowd," Brian Harbour defines the difference between success and excellence.
"Success means being 'the' best; excellence means being 'your' best. Success, to many, means being better than everyone else; excellence means being better tomorrow than you were yesterday. Success means exceeding the acheivements of other people; excellence means matching your practice with your potential."

3. One of my own personal heroes, and undoubtedly one of history's greatest Americans is Benjamin Franklin. His life produced many great achievements and accomplishments that we still enjoy today.

4. It is said that Benjamin Franklin had only 2 years of formal schooling. At age 25, however, he founded the first library in America. At age 31, he started the first fire department. At age 36, he invented the lightening rod. At age 40, he was uncovering, and learning how to harness electricity. At age 43, he designed a heating stove still used today. At age 45, he founded one of the Ivy League universitites. At age 79, he invented bifocals.

5. He was a renowned conversationalist, economist, philosopher, diplomat, printer, publisher and a linguist, for he spoke and wrote 5 different languages fluently. He kept discovering, producing and inventing until his death at age 84. He was a ...

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