by Steve Wagers

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Abraham: It's Plea Bargain Time with God! (1 of 7)
Series: Leading Us in Prayer Will Be....
Steve N. Wagers
Genesis 18:22-33

Sermon Outline
1. The Predicament of a Righteous Man!
A. The Corruption of an Ungodly City!
B. The Complaint against an Ungodly City!
2. The Prayer of a Righteous Man!
A. The Plea that was Made by Abraham!
B. The Patience that was Manifested to Abraham!
3. The Power of a Righteous Man!
A. His Powerful Insistence!
B. His Powerful Influence!

1. A man was being pursued by a roaring, hungry lion. Feeling the beast's hot breath upon his neck, the man paused to pray, "Oh Lord, make this lion a Christian." Within seconds the man was aware that the lion had stopped chasing him, and was confident that the Lord had answered his prayer.

2. He turned around and noticed a most amazing sight. The lion was kneeling and saying some words. The man moved closer to try to hear what the lion was saying, only to discover that the lion was in prayer, and he heard the lion pray, "And, bless, oh Lord, this food for which I am eternally gratefully!"

3. Andrew Murray said:
"The greatest sin in the life of a Christian is the sin of prayerlessness!"

4. We do not often think of not praying as a sin, however, Samuel said in 1 Samuel 12: 23:
"God forbid that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you..."

5. Robert Murray McChenyne spoke volumes when he said:
"What a man is in his prayer closet is what he is!"

6. Someone has said:
"Every failure in our life is a prayer failure!"

7. If we were to study the Bible we would find that prayer has:
• won victories over fire, air, earth and water
• opened the Red Sea
• brought water from a rock
• made the sun stand still
• brought fire from the sky
• overthrown armies
• healed the sick
• raised the dead
• shut the mouths of lions
• saved/converted the lives of millions

8. We're beginning a series by looking at some of the great prayers of the Bible. ...

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