by Robert Walker

Invitation to a Free-For-All
Robert Walker
Isaiah 55:6-9

In one of C. S. Lewis' children's novels, the Narnia series, there is a story about a dragon.
The book is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, in which the company is on a long voyage across the ocean. They come across an island that later on they come to call "Dragon Island."
And they call it "Dragon Island" because the boy, Eustace, from our world who is with the Narnians, in his solitary exploration of the island, stumbles onto a cave in which there is a dead dragon. He is just delighted because he goes into the cave and he finds the dragon's hoard of gold and jewels and all sorts of things and he says, "Ah, ha! This is mine.
The dragon is dead, I can have all this." He takes a big bracelet and puts it on his arm. And there is some magical power that he doesn't know about that the dragon's hoard has upon him. He falls asleep on the pile, and when he wakes up -- he has become a dragon.
The gold circlet he has put on his arm is now on the dragon's foreleg and is terribly painful and throbbing as it cuts into his flesh. And he goes back to his friends and they are frightened and they chase him off by shooting arrows at him.

And he is lonely. And nobody is there to turn to and he scratches at himself and claws at himself and he can't get the dragon skin off. And he cries great big dragon tears. He is all by himself in the mountains.
He finds his way to a pool in which he looks and he sees his dragon face and into which his dragon tears drip and suddenly there appears to him Aslan the lion, who in Narnia is the Christ-figure.
Aslan comes to him and says, "You will have to let me help you." And he says, "No, I can do it myself, that's o.k. just watch." And he starts clawing again at the skin and he takes off one or two layers and he thinks he has done it. He looks in the pool again and there is the same old dragon skin under the old layers.
And Aslan says to him, "You really have to let me help. ...

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