by Stan Coffey

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I Should Be Able To Change Overnight (6 of 8)
Stan Coffey
Ephesians 4:21-24

We want to look at the Book of Ephesians today beginning in chapter 4. We have been talking about "Breaking The Lies That Bind." Our culture and Satan has put certain things upon us, certain guilt trips upon us. It has taught us certain things that our like bondage, they are like chains that bind us. They bind us emotionally and spiritually and even physically. And keep us from achieving our potential; keep us from reaching the goals that we have ourselves and becoming the person that God would have us to be.

We have looked at several of those lies and the problem with lies is that the cleverest lie is the lie that sounds most like the truth. And the devil is the father of lies and he knows who to make you believe something with all your heart even though it is not true. One of the lies that he has to discourage people that have a desire to do right, who have a desire to change their life is this, you ought to be able to change your life overnight. I mean if you really want to, you should be able to change all your bad habits and good habits just like that – presto – say the magic words and everything is changed and everything is different. That you ought to be able to change your life with just one decision or one act of your will.

In America we are use to instant everything. We have a remote control and we turn it on and we want the TV to come right on, we want to change the channels instantly or we want to have instant coffee, instant tea, everything we want has to be fast. It has to happen quickly so we have all the fast food. And if it takes a little bit of time we are very impatient. And we are that way about change.

And when we give our life to Christ we think well I should be changed all ready. I should be able to change overnight. And when that doesn't happen we get discouraged and we give up. How many times have ...

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