by Stan Coffey

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Satan's Four Spiritual Flaws (2 of 8)
Stan Coffey
Genesis 3:1-5

If you have you Bible I want us to turn to Genesis 3:1. Today I am speaking on the subject "Satan's Four Spiritual Flaws." We are in a series of messages on "Breaking The Lies That Bind." Our key verse is John 8:32 where Jesus said, "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." The truth breaks the bondage of lies we have been taught by our culture. Lies that cause us guilt and shame, hurt, and misery. And the Lord can break those lies that bind us and shackle us and keep us from reaching the potential that God intended us to have in our lives.

Well, Satan has not changed his tactics in all of these hundreds of years. He is still telling lies and he is still binding people with fear and with doubt and with guilt and with insecurity by telling people lies about God Himself. He began his strategy in the Garden of Eden by coming to Adam and to Eve. And he told them some lies about God.

There are many people today who are afraid of God. Many people today who don't seek God, who don't worship God and don't love God because they have a misconception of what God is like. Your view of God is going to color your view of your self, your world, and your potential. And if your view of God is distorted, if you don't see God how He really is, if you believe Satan's lies about God, then you are not going to have the joy and fulfillment and hope and peace that God wants you to have.

In fact you are going to be in bondage. You are going to be in fear. You are going to be bound by guilt and by shame if you believe Satan's four spiritual flaws about God. Dr. Bill Bright, Campus Crusades for Christ, has made famous and made powerful the tool "Four Spiritual Laws". Four Spiritual Laws tells us how to lead a person to Christ. Well, Satan has four spiritual flaws. And we want to look at those flaws about the nature of the person of God a ...

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