by Stan Coffey

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It Doesn't Matter What You Believe As Long As You Are Sincere (1 of 8)
Stan Coffey
John 8:32

Today I want you to turn in your Bible to John 8. We are beginning a brand new series of messages on "Breaking The Lies That Bind". You have heard about the ties that bind, blessed be the ties that bind, but there are lies that bind in a negative sense. Lies that we have believed all of our lives, our culture has taught us, even some that our parents have taught us, some we have learned in school that we absolutely believe. And yet they are lies that affect us adversely. We want to replace those lies with the truth of God that will set us free, that will break the chains, the oppression of discouragement, self-doubt and free us to be what God would have us to be. To know the abundant life in Jesus Christ. And the only thing that will break a lie that is binding you, that is putting you in the bondage of fear or the bondage of worry or the bondage of self-defeat or frustration is the truth. The truth will break the lies that bind. In fact, look at what Jesus said in John 8:32.

The truth will break the lies that bind. I am wondering this morning if I could just take a little survey and ask this morning how many of you were taught about Santa Claus when you grew up? How about the Easter Bunny? Anybody taught about the Great Pumpkin? A lot of these lies, a lot of these myths that we were taught are virtually harmless. And later on we grow to understand the truth and before we get very old we realize the reality of some of things, but there are some things that we were taught that are harmful to us. There are some things that we really believe and respond to, that cause our life to be miserable and unhappy. And there are a lot of emotional illnesses, a lot of difficulties that people go through, a lot of fears, a lot of doubts that seem to bind people because what they really believe to be the truth is actually a lie ...

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