by Steve Wagers

You Better Get Out of the Window!
Steve N. Wagers
Acts 20:6-12

Sermon Outline
1. A Man Whose Presence is Commendable!
A. His Attendance to the House of God!
B. His Acquaintance with the Word of God!
2. A Man Whose Position is Crucial!
A. The Fall that He Suffered!
B. The Facts that He Shared!
3. A Man Whose Problem is Common!
A. His Problem Represents a Vital Majority!
B. His Problem Reveals a Vexing Travesty!

1. Someone has compared church members to certain types of birds. Some are like the:
* Parrot-this bird repeats what someone else says.
* Fan-Tailed Pigeon-this bird is always strutting around.
* Hawk-this is a sharp-eyed bird that is always on the look for something wrong.
* Jay Bird-this bird's main business is always raising a fuss with the other birds.
* Bat-this is the hypocrite in the Church. The bat looks like a bird from one point of view but from another, it looks like a rat.
* Crow-this bird is always stealing the other man's corn.
* Swan-this beautiful bird has no certain dwelling place and just floats from place to place.

2. I read about one preacher that was having some health problems. The doctor told him that he couldn't do all the work of the Church by himself. The doctor then ordered him to take it easy for a few weeks and to tell his congregation that they were going to have to do the work for a while. The doctor later asked the preacher, "Are the people helping you do the work?" He replied, "All my members are working now. Forty of them are working for me and the other two hundred are working against me."

3. What kind of church member are you? I remember hearing a powerful question years ago that would help each of us evaluate our church, and church membership. The question asks, "What kind of church would my church be, if every church member was just like me?" Think about that question, and let's consider what type of church member a man named Eutychus was, and see if there are any similaritie ...

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