by Steve Wagers

Let's Not Leave This World the Way We Found It!
Steve N. Wagers
Matthew 5:13-16

Sermon Outline
1. The Taste our Lives should Create!
A. The Status of Being Salt!
B. The Significance of Being Salt!
C. The Seriousness of Being Salt!
2. The Truth our Lives should Radiate!
A. Privately!
B. Publicly!
3. The Testimony our Lives should Emulate!
A. Our Outward Identification!
B. Our Upward Glorification!

1. World champion bicycler, Lance Armstrong is a most amazing man. His heart is nearly one-third larger than that of the average man. At resting, it beats an average of 32 times per minute, during peak performance, 200. He burns up about 6,500 calories every day for three weeks while in the race. One of the stages of the race is 120 miles long-that day he will burn 10,000 calories.
You and I burn 3,500 and that's on a good day.

2. His lungs can take in twice the oxygen. His body fat level is 4 percent, while ours will average 16. He has a weird femur bone. It's longer than the average man's, which gives him more torque when peddling his bicycle for 2000 miles through French mountains. It is almost as if he was built to ride.

3. Looking at this man it is unbelievable that cancer struck him in September 1996. He went through brain surgery and later chemotherapy so aggressive that it destroyed some of his muscle structure, burned parts of skin, and
gave him permanent kidney damage. And yet the best bicyclists in the world have chased him for five years. He is the pacesetter. He is the measure by which all others gauge their success. He is the unique one, going for his 5th Tour de France victory. All others are led, and taught by his example.

4. Beginning in Matthew 5, we find the greatest sermon that has even been preached, known as the Sermon on the Mount. It is a sermon that can be read in approximately 18-20 minutes; yet, it is packed with practical, principal and powerful truths for everyday life. In verses 13-16, the Lord ...

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