by Steve Wagers

Nothing But The Blood!
Steve N. Wagers
Romans 5:8-11

1. Two men were making donations to a blood bank. One was an American Indian, and the other was Caucasian. After each had given his pint of blood, the two men lay, on separate beds, facing each other. The white man looked to the Indian and said, "Are you a full-blooded Indian?" The Indian replied, "No, I'm a pint short!"

2. It is a scientific fact that blood from every human being is similar. The blood from a white man, a black man, a red man or a yellow man can be safely given in transfusion to any other man, if the type is right, because our blood is so similar. The Bible verifies this, in Acts 17: 26, where Paul said that God:
"...hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth..."

3. In 1628, William Harvey made his amazing discovery of the circulatory system. Up until that point, little had been known about the value of the blood to the human body. In fact, before that time, blood was thought to be the source of disease rather than the source of defense against disease. Thus, sick men were often bled to get rid of their diseases. George Washington's death is said to have been hastened by "bloodletting."
3. There is probably no other Bible doctrine that has been debated, doubted, disputed and even denied as much as the doctrine of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Christianity, which holds to the premise that the blood of Jesus Christ is necessary for salvation, is viewed as a "gory" religion. Be that as it may, the Bible emphatically declares that "without the shedding of blood, (there is) no remission of sin."

4. I read recently of a man by the name of Howard Drew, considered by many to be the world's greatest lifesaver. Drew has been recognized as the Guinness world-record holder for the most blood donated by an individual. As of April 2003, he had given about 220 pints(28 gallons) of blood, and says that he hopes to give 250 pints, or more, ...

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