by Steve Wagers

Don't Leave Home Without Him!
Steve N. Wagers
Luke 2:41-47

Sermon Outline
1. A Stirring Evaluation!
A. Of the Events Fulfilling His Birth!
B. Of the Events Following His Birth!
2. A Shocking Realization!
A. The Relationship that had been Loved!
B. The Fellowship that had been Lost!
3. A Sobering Confrontation!
A. The Steps that must be Retraced!
B. The Savior that must be Recovered!

1. I once read of a mother who was a frequent shopper and buyer at flea markets, yard sales and novelty stores. One day, she came across an antique statue of Jesus that she knew she could not do without. So, she bought the item, brought it home, and placed it upon the table in their foyer.

2. The mother's little daughter took a particular liking to the statue, and everyday she would come home from school to play with it. However, one day, while she was at school, the mother conducted her annual spring cleaning, and re-located the statue of Jesus to another room in the house. When the little girl came home, she immediately noticed the statue was not in its normal place. She came running into the kitchen, and asked her mother, "Mom, somebody moved Jesus. I have looked everywhere, but I cannot find him."

3. That little girl's remark bears a great, yet tragic truth about the lives of many believers. They are saved, or so they claim to be; yet, Jesus is no where to be found in their life. And, if the truth be known, there are others looking for Him in their life as well, but they are unable to find Him.

4. Research expert, George Barna, recently conducted an amazing survey, among "professing born-again Christians." It revealed that:
* 39% of Americans describe themselves as "a born again Christian."
* Two-thirds of Americans (66%) say they have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in their life today.
* Half of those who attend a Christian church (49%) say that they are absolutely committed to the Christian faith, ...

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