by Steve Wagers

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Mastering the Mark of Christian Maturity! (2 of 10)
Series: How to Get Along With the Family!
Romans 15:1-7
Pastor Steve N. Wagers

1. In the days of the American Revolutionary War there lived at Ephrata, Pennsylvania, a Baptist pastor by the name of Peter Miller. Rev. Miller was a long-time friend of General George Washington. There also dwelt in that town a man named Michael Wittman, an evil-minded man who did all in his power to abuse and oppose the pastor. One day Michael Wittman was involved in treason, was arrested and sentenced to death. The old preacher heard of it so he started out on foot, and walked for seventy miles, to Philadelphia, to plead for the man's life.

2. He was brought into General Washington's presence, and pleaded for the man's life. Washington said, "No, Peter! I cannot grant you the life of your friend." Peter Miller replied, "My friend? He is the bitterest enemy that I have!" Washington shouted, "What? You have walked seventy miles to save the life of an enemy? That puts the matter into a different light. I will grant the pardon." And he did. Peter Miller took Michael Wittman from the very shadow of death, back to his own home in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, no longer as an enemy; but, accepted as a friend. 1

3. We are living in a day when people are encased in a desperate search for acceptance. We find it in the corporate world, the political world, the social world, the domestic world; and, even the spiritual world. Many are seeking just to be accepted for what they are, and for who they are; and, because they are unable to find it, they are driven to the depths of despair, degradation and even death.

4. Listen to some quotes taken from some of the world's most powerful, prominent and popular people. The famous talk-show host, Oprah Winfrey, was quoted in "Good Housekeeping" magazine as saying:

I discovered I didn't feel worth anything, and certainly not worthy of love, unless I was accomplishing somethi ...

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