by Steve Wagers

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If You're Not Loving, You're Not Living! (1 of 10)
Series: How To Get Along With The Family!
Steve N. Wagers
John 13:34-35

1. A little boy declared that he loved his mother with all his strength." He was asked to explain what he meant by "with all his strength." He said: "Well, I'll tell you. You see, we live on the fourth floor of this tenement; and there's no elevator, and the coal is kept down in the basement. Mother is busy all the time, and she isn't very strong; so I see to it that the coal bin is never empty. I lug the coal up four flights of stairs all by myself, and it's a pretty big bin. It takes "all my strength" to get it up here. Now, wouldn't that be considered loving my mother "with all my strength?"

2. Henry Drummond once said:
"To love abundantly is to live abundantly; and to love forever is to live forever. Hence, eternal life is inextricably bound up with love. It is when a man has no one to love him, or thinks that he has no one to love him that he commits suicide. So long as he has friends, those who love him, and whom he loves; he will live; because to live is to love!"

3. To put it simply, if you're not loving, then you're not living. To live is to love, and to love is to live. Some of the greatest people that I have ever met have been those whose hearts were filled with love for other people. Conversely, some of the most miserable people that I have ever met have been those whose hearts were filled with bitterness, contempt and hatred for other people. Why? Because to love is to live, and to live is to love.

4. We begin a new series tonight built around the New Testament admonition, "one another." You will find that the phrase "one another" is used 39 times in the pages of the New Testament. However, twelve of those references deal specifically with our relationship, as the people of God, to "one another." Thus, I want us to consider these various admonitions in order to examine our responsibility, and accounta ...

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