by Johnny Hunt

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Christ Is Our Life (2 of 12)
Johnny Hunt
Colossians 3:11-13
Sept. 21, 2003

INTRODUCTION: In Col. 3:5-9 Paul told believers what to "put off." In Col. 3:9-12 he describes the believers new identity in Christ. In Col. 3:12 and following he describes what God expects of the believers in response. Such behavior is the outward manifestation of the inward transformation, and it is the only sure proof that such transformation has taken place.

The entire context is slanted toward harmony in the church. Paul gives the command to "put on" which calls for a firm determination to practice what had already been done positionally. (.10) Paul is saying to the believers, "clothe yourself"; speaks of an action to be undertaken with a sense of urgency.

The Christian has already put on the new self. Now he must clothe himself with the garments that benefit the new self.

Jack Graham, President of SBC and Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, said that the best way to influence our nation for Christ "is not to out-shout the darkness, but to out-live the darkness." He went on to say that "too many see the church as one big, huge salt shaker that we call sanctuaries or worship centers. And as we gather together, the salt salting the salt, the light lighting up the lights, and containment, keeping the salt all in one place rather than penetrating the culture, keeps us from fulfilling the mission and the vision of the Kingdom of God."

The church of Jesus Christ is salt and light. Salt penetrates, irritates, and stimulates. If we are not salt, we may very well become the "bland leading the bland." The Spirit-filled, devoted follower of Jesus Christ should be flavorful, fresh, full of the Spirit of God, pouring out the salty, tasty, fresh love and grace of God.

Contrasting a believer with a cup of non-fat, no-sugar, decaf coffee, Jack Graham said there are "too many decaffeinated Christians in the world."

I believe all of this is true bec ...

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