by David Cawston

Attitude of Possessing
David Cawston
Joshua 1:11, 13-15; Joshua 3:2-4; 7 &13

It was our privilege several years ago to attend "The Church on the Way" in Van Nuys California. Due to the necessity to get people in their building for their service they have their ushers lead you to your row and seat, filling up from the front row to the back.

Dr. Jack Hayford , the pastor there, tells a story of a wealthy successful businessman, who attended their church and had trouble at the beginning with this procedure.

This businessman's struggle was not surprising. For he was used to directing thousands of people himself in his business.
Suddenly he was faced with the decision of whether he would submit himself to the direction of others.

His first reaction was that of irritation. Then he became critical and finally, coldly analytical.

He realized he was irritated because he wasn't in control.
His criticism had developed as a sense of need to justify his irritation.

Human nature being what it is, we can always find grounds to justify ourselves for complaining over what irritates us.

Criticism never remains dormant at one level it usually continues on to other things.

"It's not just the ushers now, it is some of the unprofessionalism I've seen. It's what I've always thought! Things are done in a second class resources...volunteer help not getting just can't expect a very good job!"

Then comes "Why do I keep coming to this church?"

This Business executive finally decided it was only because he enjoyed the Pastor's preaching that he continued to come. He then realized he was as much a part of that church as everyone else there. He realized that he had to face up to his irritation. That is when he began to admit that he had the problem not the ushers.

He realized that week after week the Holy Spirit was putting him in touch with different people as he sat in different places. He recogniz ...

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