by Ernest Easley

God's Provision for Stress
Ernest L. Easley
2 Corinthians 7:4-7

When was the last time you had a stress test? You may feel like that stressed out secretary that walked into the office of her boss and announced, ''When this rush is over, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I earned it, I deserve it, and nobody's going to take it from me.''

The poet was right that described this generation as being ''the age of the half read page. And the quick hash and the mad dash. The bright night with the nerves tight. The plane hop with the brief stop. The lamp tan in a short span. The Big shot in a good spot. And the brain strain and the heart pain. And the catnaps till the spring snaps, and the fun's done.''

And don't think that stress is for sinners only! We saints struggle with stress too! And that's what Paul's talking about in 2 Corinthians chapter 7. I want us to take a fresh look at chapter 7 because some of you are stressed out tonight!

You may be stressed out over a relationship. For others, it's over your resources! For you it may be over a health issue or a faith issue! And you need to learn how to manage your stress or your stress will manage you! Stress can squeeze years off of your life if you don't learn how to handle it.

Look with me now to 2 Corinthians 7 as we learn some things tonight about:
''God's Provision for Stress''
2 Corinthians 7.4-7

Let me tell you something about the apostle Paul: his life was full of stress! Saved? Yes he was saved! Spiritual? Oh my yes! Spirit-filled? Spirit-filled! Sanctified? He was in the process! And yet, he experienced stress!

Now not all stress is bad. Engineers use it for the pressure on bridges. Some stress is helpful and good. Stress is like a wife: it will either make you or break you! And we need to learn what Paul learned and that is God's Provision for Stress
Well, let's think a minute tonight about ..
Now as we think about the reality of stress, think w ...

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