by Jerry Vines

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The Gift of Tongues (12 of 15)
Series: Deeper Life Conference
Jerry Vines
I Corinthians 12:8-11

I'm excited about this particular Bible study because I think it will be helpful to you and will touch an area which probably all of you have heard about, you have been influenced by, or you know someone in this particular area. I think it will be helpful for you.

I'm doing a brief series on the theme of spiritual gifts and in our two previous studies we have come to some basic information about spiritual gifts. A spiritual gift is a God-given ability to a believer for the purpose of service. The Bible teaches that every child of God has one or more spiritual gifts, but every believer has at least one spiritual gift. The Bible also teaches that it is the Holy Spirit who sovereignly bestows these gifts. The spiritual gifts are given to the believer not for personal enjoyment but rather they are given to be employed in the service of the Lord Jesus. Spiritual gifts are not toys to play with. They are tools to build with.

It is so important in a church for church members to use their spiritual gifts which God has given them for the glory of God and for the good of the people of God. That's why we have so many places of ministry and service here. That's why we encourage you to plug in to some ministry area in our church. As you use your spiritual gift, empowered by the Holy Spirit, the body of Christ is strengthened, believers are grown in the Lord, and lost people are won to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We're coming to the area of tongues. I have read for you in verses 8 through 11 a list of these spiritual gifts. There are actually four different places in the Bible where these spiritual gifts are mentioned. They are mentioned in Romans 12. You will find a list of them there. They are mentioned two places in I Corinthians 21, these verses, and also in verses 28 and following. In the book of Ephesians the fourth chapter it talks a ...

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